Murder Merch

Hello. We are Angelina and Aurora, charismatic leaders of the MMNster commune -- the online true crime cult where we share in the latest in true crime news, podcasts, book reviews, killer memes, and all things spooky! 

You can join our commune today at -- and you can also find us on social media, where there's a lot happening, particularly on our YouTube channel: The Week in True Crime. 

You may have already seen some of the features we've done at MMN on MMNster Makers -- folks who turn their passion for true crime into an array of adorable goods (like stickers, t-shirts, and home decor). What you may not have known is that our own Angelina is a MMNster Maker herself, with experience in screen printing, cut vinyl, ink sublimation, and so much more! 

Just in time for spooky season 2020, we've launched our store. Now you can show your love for MMN and all things spooky with some fabulous new Murder Merch!

Watch this space for future collabs and features with other creepy creators.